Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cumulus Easter Egg Hunt 2010

Pacesetters participated & donated to this community event 2-5pm, Harmon Recreation Center, Belfast St., Mobile, AL. Children ages 3-12. Presented, in part, by McDonald's and Coca Cola Community Connection! Several Organizations as well as All Throttle MC participated in this cause. What a rough morning we rolled into the house around 3 am from Our Anniversary Cabaret was awaken 7am by P'Cola Members discovering their bikes was stolen we rolled over to help them out. But had to make this cause for the Maysville Community in Mobile, AL is got a little warm setting up, putting out Easter Eggs & stuffing eggs with prizes ranging McDonald's Meals, Wal-Mart Gifs, Book Bags, Ice Cream Cones, CD Players, Free Food & Refreshments.

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