Saturday, March 30, 2013

Stand Against Cancer Campaign Charity Ride & Picnic

Pacesetters & SetDPace Charities would like to thank all who attended Stand Against Cancer Campaign, Charity Ride & Picnic on March 29-31, 2013!! We'd especially like to our sponsor in no special order Coca-Cola, Armstrong Electric, Rock Cable Inc, Amari Transport & Sales, Industrial Electrical Supply LLC, Lawson Brothers Realty, All Throttle, Camellia Trophy Shop, Commercial Realty Management Group,Harley Davidson of Mobile, Embroidery By the Bay, Sophisticated Ladies SC, The BMB Crew & Lawson Real Estate LLC. Through our generous sponsor 2013 allowed us to donate $1500 to American Cancer Society, provide entertainment for the entire family and feed hundred of people at the picnic what a blessing! Also especially like to thank Deezy & Lady O mothers for standing up all day serving hundreds of people at the picnic that was amazing!!  Shout out & thank you to All Throttle, Tru Ryder's, Black Kings Twist, Ebony Pearls, Gogeda Ryders, 251 Thrill Seekers, Ruff Ryder's The Presidents, Port City Stangers SC, Classic Corvette Club, N2 Deep Street Pro's, 6th Gear, Triple B's, Prophecy, Extreme Riders, 45 Boyz, BMB Rockets, Sophisticated Ladies SC, Light Riders, South Side Rydas & Juzcuz Ladeez. Shout to out MGA Dream Team young rap group who put it down live entertainment! Special Thanks to Mobile Health Clinic provided free medical checkups at the event and American Cancer Society provided educational material as well as a quest speaker!! Shout to MOB Pacesetters wives who assisted us as well being a motivation tool throughout the weekend event! Also thumbs up to them Pacesetters who travel long distances to Mobile to host the 7th Anniversary Weekend! Thank You All!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

VA Pacesetters MC Charity Ride for the Urban League of Hampton Rd, VA