Wednesday, July 16, 2008


We received a call from Pacesetters Member KO telling us about Brikyra's Family was in need of help. On June 21, 2008 her family was trying to raise funds by selling food and some of the people who agreed to help didn't. So Pacesetters Member KO heard about this from his sister,so he donated $100/fish from Pacesetter Ran-Dezzy needed for the Fund Raiser. So KO called PrimeTime @ work telling us about Brikyra's story so we agreed more needs to be done. Made contact with Brikyra's Grandmother she emailed us a picture we added the exact words written by Brikyra herself and posted it on the board @ work we average 25 pers. onboard our vessel, we had 10 people step forward donated $ 370.00 in just a few days. I know this is hard times for alot of people but sometimes just donating just $5 & $10 can add up.PrimeTime & Ghost with the Pacesetters MC would like to thank our crew members Kale, Beverly, Anthony,Eric & Jose and client crew members Freddie, Steven & Mike for their donations.